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We work with our clients to ensure that we provide the advice they need at good value. We work to understand our clients’ expectations at the outset so that we can tailor our services to those expectations. In doing so, we benefit from our significant investment in training, customized project and knowledge management resources and technology.

We understand the importance of being familiar with our clients’ business and industry and of aligning our work to support their business objectives. We know that we perform best when we integrate our advice within the context of the business imperatives facing our clients. Our approach is based on teamwork and collaboration to deliver superior legal advice efficiently and effectively for our clients.


Clients first: Our clients are our priority and their interests come first with us. We invest in understanding their business and objectives and provide them with timely, efficient and practical advice. We strive to deliver more value than our clients expect by working with them as part of an integrated team.

Integrity: We deal honestly, openly and professionally with our clients and with each other. This dedication to integrity is fundamental to our strength as a firm and to upholding the reputations of our clients.

Expertise and excellence: We strive to seek the optimal solutions for our Clients. Solutions that the Client may rely upon. We believe the exceptional expertise of our people and the standard of excellence that we work to are at the core of our services. As a result, we are committed to attracting and developing leading legal experts who are motivated problem-solvers while also being commercially aware, and who recognize and benefit from the power that comes from working within our client-focused, collaborative environment.

Timely advice: We believe responsiveness and timely provision of services are of paramount importance in today’s demanding business environment. We react fast and work diligently to meet the expectations of our clients.


We feel the responsibility to provide legal counsel and assistance to the community in which we do business. Through our social responsibility initiative, we look for ways to apply our experience positively to the community. This is reflected in our dealings with our clients, our staff and the wider community.

Support for pro bono activity is one of the core values of the Firm. We believe that lawyers have a duty to devote part of their time to serve society in positive ways. Every partner and associate is expected to support this value and is encouraged to be involved in pro bono work.

We strive to create an environment in which all members of the firm can achieve their full potential. We are committed to providing a stimulating, well balanced, supportive and fulfilling place for our staff to work. We also believe it is our responsibility to protect the environment by ensuring the sustainable use and disposal of resources and seek to do so by managing our supply chain and our consumption of resources.


No win no fee policy in car accidents and injuries cases. Our fees are determined on the basis of hourly rates that reflect complexity and time demand of a specific project, as well as seniority of lawyers involved. We have a policy of clear and transparent billing. We are flexible in determining our fees and are open to capped fee or flat fee arrangements, whenever a reliable estimate can be made. We discuss the fee arrangement in detail after we obtain information on the project and the client’s requirements. Our goal here is to give excellent legal representation for a reasonable price.

To discuss engagement on a specific project and fee estimates, send us an e-mail to

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